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Kai's Egg Nog (a.k.a. Knog)

Knog = Kai's Egg Nog... hahah

This has become my Christmas classic, as it seems friends and family request it now. This Nog has even converted non-eggnog lovers to liking egg nog, the real egg nog that is. It's so much better than store bought container nog, which has been thickened with cornstarch or other.

One year I even made Egg Nog daiquiris, which was extremely yummy and popular even in the month of July, while at my Christmas in July party. All you need is vanilla ice cream, some ice, and a blender, and voila!

This recipe uses imitation Rum to flavour the nog, allowing people to choose whether they want rum in their nog, and how much cheer to add ;-)

First make the Soft Custard:
3 large free range eggs, beaten (if not using free range, then you may add 1-2 drop of yellow food colouring to the custard to help get the yellow colour)
1/3 Cup white sugar
1/4 tsp salt
3 Cup 2% or Whole Milk
1 tsp Vanilla extract
Mix well together eggs, sugar, salt in a large saucepan (2 qt), heavy bo…