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Roasted Warm & Rich

Photography: kaishin chu © 2009.
One thing both J and I love to smell during the winter months esp. is the smell of garlic roasitng in the house. It is intoxicating. We figured out the settings needed for our toaster oven to do a proper job, and we are so happy for it.

(it's been much cooler in the month of Dec - Feb here, temp avg. around 11-17C, and with non insulated housing [ for the humid months] and no central heating, it took a bit of playing around to get the right temp to cook it in the proper time.)----Cut top off, drizzle olive oil, dash of salt, cover with foil in pan, roast, enjoy aromas, then devour.

Toaster oven in winter: 375F for 1-1/4 hour, then left inside to cool down for 1/2 hour.

In our Vancouver convection oven: 325F for 45 min, and left inside to cool down for 1/2 - 1 hour.

If you like it less pungent, lower temp and lengthen roast time :)

Kona Blue | Kona Kapachi

Has anyone seen this in the Vancouver markets and tried it? A sustainable tuna, yum!!

Kona Kampachi® is a delicious, sushi-grade Hawaiian yellowtail, sustainably raised in the pristine open ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

In the wild, Seriola rivoliana would be known as Almaco Jack or kahala, but Kona Kampachi® is substantially different from its wild counterpart. Kona Blue nurtures its Kona Kampachi® through its entire life cycle from hatch to harvest, yielding one of the healthiest and most delicious fish on the market today.

WrightFood - another food blog I enjoy

Mouthwatering and heartwarming food event...

Balsamic Vinegar Pancakes

Photos posted by Kaishin Chu © 2009.

I created this recipe a few years back while we vacationed in Tofino in a log cabin. I had hoped to make buttermilk pancakes (a recipe originally developed in my college days), but we couldn't find any buttermilk to purchase at the local little market on our way into town. Since I often adapt recipes in lieu of missing ingredients, so in this case seeing that I had brought a container of strawberries macerating in balsamic vinegar, I thought I would use the vinegar with milk to create something similar to buttermilk. I figured it couldn't hurt.

Photos posted by Kaishin Chu © 2009.

The breakfast turned out amazing, the pancakes were fluffy yet substantial, moist and full of flavour, esp. with maple syrup... After the meal, the idea for a proper recipe was set forth. Last year, I dreamt up another delectable recipe using balsamic vinegar left over from macerating fruit, to make panna cotta... I'll save that recipe to share with you for ano…

Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1985

Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1985, Photos by: kaishin chu © 2008

J had this one in his wine collection, and since we've decided to travel abroad indefinitely for the time being, he decided that there was no time like the present to open it with family for Christmas Day dinner.

Though it did need a bit of time to breathe, it was still drinkable, a bit too 'old' tasting for my taste, but perhaps it was due to the disintegrating cork.

Good to see artisanal foods make it into the online market

I came across this site via a trend spotting newsletter I subscribe to, and wish I was back at North America for a short time where I could then order and try some of these artesan foodie items!!

Check it out for yourself... *drool*