Being censored at my end..

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update from Zhuhai. It appears that I still cannot view my own blog here, due to censorship from China, with not allowing commoners to have access to personal blogs, where freedom of speech is performed.

It seems that I can still post, just won't be able to see how it looks post posting. So here goes, first of my posts from China.

Sphaghetti Bolognese - Chinese fusion
Doing with what was available.

Tomato Pulp
Ground Pork
Fresh Tomato
Black Ground Pepper
Chilli Flakes (Chinese kind)
Yellow Onion
Green Onion (a bit of it for colour and herb flavour)

Flavour turned out quite well. Def. had a bit of a Chinese flavour to it, due to the difference in pork flavour and it was more chunky, as well as the green onion. Never the less, it was really nice to have some pasta for a change. Now if I could only get my hands on some soil and pots, then I can test grow some of my herb seed pkts I brought with me... then I'll have BASIL!!!

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