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Roasted BBQ Ribs and Garlic Crunch Potatoes

roasted ribsroasted salt and garlic crunch potatoes
Photography by *kaishin*

Okay, here's my working recipe (I just came up with this recipe and have yet to work out any tweaks it might need in the write up of hte recipe.)

Crunch Potatoes

Take 2-4 medium russet potatoes, washed and cleaned.
Poke holes for steam to escape with fork on 4 sides and top and bottom,
then place inside a bowl large enough where a cover/plate or another bowl can cover on top, and cook on high for 4 min + 1-2 min per extra potato ( if 2 med. potatoes, then 5-6 min). Test with fork for doneness, add more cooking time if needed.

Take potatoes out and slice in half with a wet knife lenght wise, careful not to cut through entirely, then cut it crosswise in the same fashion into fourths.

Take a loaf pan and and line with foil, shining side out, grease bottom of foil with a bit of olive oil, then place potatoes in.

Dressing: take 2 cloves finely minced garlic & 3 tbsp. Olive Oil, heat up until garlic aroma comes out and garlic is softened. Use back of spoon to squash garlic bits a bit to release more flavour. Sprinkle coarse sea salt and fresh cracked pepper over potatoes, then drizzle dressing on top, use brush if need to spread better. place in oven while finishing off ribs (approx. 20 mins) at 350F on the middle rack to allow the tops of potato to get crunchy and lovely.

When ready, scoop up entire potato onto plate and allow it to fall open. Then garnish with chopped green onions/scallions or parsley.

Buono Appetito


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